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Customers comments
 concerning our Lab-Master

Greetings Klaus,

I'm so excited! One package arrive this Thursday, the other Friday. Only

damage I could see was the little leaf broke off the pear shape glass you

included extra. That was it! All in all, arrived in excellent shape. I am

quite impressed! Unfortunately, it may be a week or two before I get the

chance to try it out. Again, thanks for the many extras. Much appreciated.

Also, for your info. I would suggest you continue to double bag items for

shipping. I did have quite a bit of moisture and water in packing. Not sure

whether it was from shipping or residual inside boiler from testing. There

was standing water in vessel. Shipping boxes remained in excellent shape and

bagging protected all. ............

Thanks a million!,


Hello Klaus:

Thank you very much for the information regarding your distilling

apparatus! It is a fantastic unit, far superior to any other that I have

researched. I am concerned about the high cost of shipping. Do you have a

distrubutor located in the USA? Again, thank you kindly for you mail.



i have been trying to purchase a still from stillife for over a month now some times they answer others they donít.

if i bought one off of you what would a complete still cost me in english pounds.

if i can,t do that is it possible to pay straight into your bank account the sum required?.

would there be a shipping cost ? and could it be confiscated by english customs?

hope to hear from you soon




I wanted to let you know that I have used the still with excellent results.

The still is very well designed, constructed and engineered.

Thank you,




> Hello Brian ,


> Have you made your first test ? How is it?



Greetings Klaus,

  As I mentioned in last reply, it is going to be a week or two before I can

try. Very impressed with quality upon recieving, though! :)



> Have you payed something extra for the shipment (tax or anything

> else)? Customers sometime asking! I never heared about !



 No problems at all recieving shipment. Packages arrived on separate,

consecutive days. No questions or extra taxes. However, I did forget to

mention to you that the package  appeared to have been opened, inspected,

and repackaged. Again, no problems though.


> Expacting your news!


 Concerning my research on our legal situation. Everything I can find to

date shows that construction, possession, or sales of stills/apparatus is

totally legal here. It is the actual  production of alchohol (either fuel or

beverage) that is regulated. Both are controlled and licensed. Illegal if

permitting/licensing  procedure not followed. Though, they would still have

to actually catch you in the process. Still possession for distilling water,

essential oils, etc. is totally acceptable, so far as I can find to date.

Take Care & Thanks,



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