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Application of the Lab-Master still


 1. to distill clean water for your coffee or tee, for diluting your liquid etc. To take out pesticides and other poisons or morbific agent. Clean water is not self-evident all over the world!


 2. to distill out of herbs flavoring essential oils. Producing essential oils for different use.


 3. to use as a fermenter, when you add a stopper a with airlock.


 4. to distill ethanol alcohol, high and pure drinking alcohol. After diluting and following the instruction you can drink an excellent brandy or gin or whisky or liqueur.


 5. wine and beer stripper - to take out the alcohol of wine or beer in case you like to drink as driver or  total abstainer -  without alcohol. Or in case you like to have good old self made  booze !


 6. botanicals, better say herbs and ethanol alcohol put together and store for some weeks -acc. to the receipt- give you an excellent medicine against different pain !