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  Individual receipt

    1. After finishing the basic receipt you can add Prestige essence with natural flavour. If you have own ripe and juicy fruits  
        (but not overripe!!) go on reading with the instruction.

    2. Wash your fruit in warm water  and take of the leafs or stalks and stones or pips.

    3. Crash or mill or mix the fruit . Mixture of  ingredients:  2 : 1 fruit and neutral spirit.

    4. Put the mixture in a plastic pot and add neutral spirit of 50% vol. stir well!

    5. Close the pot and let it stand for 24 to 48 hours but not longer !

    6. Remove the fruit in using a straining bag and squeeze  the fruit juice into the boiling  vessel. Make sure that you have
        at least 10 Liters. The juice has to be free of solids! The fruit pulpy can be used again if you go to ferment at
        once with others (fruit or sugar etc. - other receipt )

    7. Take off the Raschigrings of the tower put all parts together and start distilling slowly and carfully ! Keep temperature
        on  the tower at 80 C = 176 F !

    8. The first drops of  spirit is coming - you have to throw away the  first 20 ml (head) ! In this Individual receipt only !
        At other methods more! Test the  starch by an alcohometer ! If it is not 45 % vol. dilut it with soft water bottle and
        store for 6 weeks  !

    9. This is a very easy receipt with less fusel oils much taste and much smell !  PROST !!  CHEERS !!

       ==> see also our FAQ - section (frequently asked questions) about our stillmaker !!