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    FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the stillmaker:

    1. How do you send the still ( Lab Master )  ??

    We are sending it for:
        -     Europe by parcel post or special parcel service (DPD).
        -     Overseas by UPS, airparcel post or sea parcel post.
    The gross weight of  2 parcels are 14 kg
    Delivery will be at present about one week.

    2. What’s the price for the Lab Master ?

    For competitive reasons we do not make statements about current prices.
    Please state your home country and we will send prices incl. transport and further information !

    3. What do your customers think about your product “lab master” ??

    Some of our customers say the price of our distillation apparatus is quite high compared to competitor products..
    But after their first successfull experiences, they told me it is really worth its price.!

     4. What is the difference between the Lab Master and other distillation apparatus ?

            a) Our stillmaker named Lab-Master consists of 4 concepts in 1 : 
                column still, tower still, reflux still and pot still
            b) The reflux still makes more than 90 % vol = 180% proof and makes nearly no fusel oils !
            c) The Lab-Master is the original as described in the Home Distillation Handbook by Ola Norrman.