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    Use our stillmaker (column still, tower still, reflux still and pot still in one) for own moonshine.distillation ?
    Here comes the instruction for home distillation of spirit with our Lab Master

    Short instruction:               (for explanation of special expressions see the online home distillation dictionary)

    1. Small rubber ring put in the hole on top of the column = tower (tower still).

    2. Screw condenser to the column tight ! Control during use !!

    3. Fill in the column 1 ltr. Raschigrings !

    4. Screw column to the vessel tight ! Control during use !!

    5. Use the 6 straps to fix the hoses tight to the column and condenser! Control during use !!

    6. Heat up the vessel ! If temperature is higher than 78 C on top of the columne reduce the heat
        or give more cooling water! Check that you have  all time 78 C =  +-  173 F !

    7. The liquid coming out of the condenser should be 30  C =  86  F ! If it is higher use more cooling water!
        Watch temperature of the column !!

    8. The cooling water should come out after use at 20-25 C = 68 77 F

    9. See at the determination of your country !

    Basic receipt  for 25 Liter / 5 gallons:

    1. Put 5 Liters boiling water in the fermenter - add 6 kg sugar and stir well.

    2. After the sugar is dissolved top up to 25 Liter with cold water and stir well.

    3. After the liquid has dropped below 25 C = 77 F add one bag of Prestige Turbo yeast and stir well.

    4. Close the fermenter with an airlock keep the fermenter at 20 25 C = 68 77 C

    5. In about 7 days fermentation will stop, siphon liquid from heavy sediments.

    6. Put the clear liquid in the boiling vessel and follow the short instruction!

    7. You have finished the short instruction and the distillation - start diluting to 40-50 % vol. with soft water .

    8. The purification is very important to get a neutral spirit (means without smell and taste)

    9. Use Prestige or Vodkasorb activated carbon for purification that removes all volatiles.
        Even the spirit you can buy in the pharmacy in the European countries you have to do the purification (offtest) !