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pH and some information
you should know:


The pH numbers show you the grade of acid or lye your liquid have.

Acid you call sure. Lye you call basic.   pH 7 is neutral you find in distilled water ! As stout as a the acid in a liquid is as low the number of the pH. The best pH of a mash is pH 3! During the whole fermentation you should have this pH !


The reasons:


1. beside fermentation can not take place!


2. your mash or wine can longer be stored !


3. your mash will not become off test !

ph scale

Vodkasorb Carbon brings the best result.


pH-meter digital - electronic
The ph - meter measures sour or basic or alkaline.  7pH is neutral.

type:                           GPH 014
pH range:                     0 to 14
temperature range:        0 to90 C
accuracy linear + -        0,02
resolution:                     0,01
automatic calibration:    no
working temperature:    0 to 45 C
housing                        106x67x30 mm
display                         13 mm LCD
battery                         enclosed
probe                           enclosed
calibration set small       not enclosed

Catalogue number #         64.20.95

Calibration set small #     64.20.97
Include: each 2 x buffer capsular pH4 and pH7, 2 plastic bottles, 100ml KCl electrolyt